September 12, 2006

Coffee anyone?

We went for a drive on Saturday afternoon, and we even got a cup of coffee for the ride. There's a brand new Starbucks located in Bayport - it's right across the street from Bayport Flower House where the old CVS used to be. It is so, so nice inside - you just gotta go! Randy got regular coffee, just like always. (I've never understood why someone would get plain old coffee when there are so many FLAVORS to choose from! To each his own, I guess.) Abbey and I got a pumpkin spice latte. It was full of wonderful flavor and good to the last drop (sorry Maxwell House, but Starbucks has got you beat by a longshot!).

Here's Randy mixin' up his brew.

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Josh said...

love the blog...i just wish there were more on josh fryman. he is such a great person, so warm, funny, and handsome.
hey mrs. e, i found your blog online today, very nice