April 3, 2006

Home, home on the Range!

We went to Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk Point to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary this past weekend. It was a fantastic little getaway - short, but very, very memorable! We took Abbey and three of her closest friends with us. Definately a "do again"!
The sign that graces the entrance to the oldest cattle ranch in America. Even Teddy Roosevelt has been here.

A fantastic picture of Randy and "Jill" on the beach.

Sitting on "Stumpy" and waiting to ride.

Randy and me, together through thick and through thin for 26 years!

Our girl Abbey having the ride of her life!

Abbey and posse.

Melissa and Emmy with all the pretty horses.

Mr. Ed.

On the pond behind our beach house in Montauk. Isn't God good to grant us our dreams?

The girls (left to right) - Sarah Cypher, Melissa Johnston, Abbey Engesetter, and Emily Salvator. So pretty, so sweet, and so much fun!!

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