July 17, 2006

At the seaside on Friday

Randy and I went on a date Friday night. Port Jefferson is a quaint seaside village on Long Island with lots of fun things to do! We had dinner at an open-air, seafood restaurant. Afterwards we walked on the boardwalk and enjoyed viewing all the beautiful yachts moored in the bay. Starbucks came next where we shared a decadent dessert and then took our coffees on another walk through the village. It was certainly an evening to remember! I only wish I had taken more pictures. Here are the few that I did manage...

Sailor statue located near the entry way of Danford's - a great restaurant if you're ever in the area (bring lots of money.)

Here's the epitaph...

The ferry (white) that goes to Connecticut and a party boat (red)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and all the neat stuff you do with your family. I hope you will post more pictures and you will post more stories. I like to see them!