August 9, 2006

Patch the Pirate and friends!

Dear little Madison! She was a darling little sailor, but she couldn't go near Patch; only because she has the tendency to grab things on people's faces, such as eyeglasses, eye patches, etc. - you get the picture.
Not real good photo, but here's Patch singing "My Father's Old Guitar." Try double clicking on the image to get a bigger view. Then click again and it should be even BIGGER! After you have done that, look closely to the left and you will see Sissy Seagull entering the stage.

Our favorite Pirate with Megan, a lovely little girl from our church. Patch is signing her new CD.
Abbey and Melissa with Patch the Pirate. These girls have done everything together since they were only one year old. They are the best of Christian friends!

Randy and I together with Ron Hamilton. All of his songs are neatly tucked away in our hearts, ready to be sung when brought to memory. One of my favorites? "Bow the Knee." I have also loved ALL the childrens CDs that he and Shelley have recorded with their children. What a wonderful legacy they have created for the Christians of the world today. I say, "God bless 'em!"

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