January 7, 2007

At Frank and Gina's

Frank and Gina's computer CRASHED on Saturday. Randy, Abbey, and me made an emergency run to their house in Nassau County to see if there was something (anything!) Randy could do to help. Nothing (not anything!). The computer needs a new main board. Frank and Gina (gracious as they are!) invited us to stay for dinner - and what a dinner we had! Thanks for the great time guys!

Consulting about the computer. Frank's expression tells the whole story.

Gina's 100% Italian kitchen. Look at that tray of ziti! And can you see the sausages behind it? YUM!

Frank helpin' out with the cheese.
Dessert with Mary and Gina!
The perspective from my end of the table. (I know, I know... the image is dark. I didn't have my camera on the proper setting.)

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