February 20, 2007

All clean!

We removed all the chairs from the auditorium on Sunday night so the cleaning crew could come through on Monday. The church just sparkles! Sean did an EXCELLENT job of painting and the Cypher family came through like a white tornado and cleaned all the rugs. The Lord has certainly given us a beautiful church building!

Here's Sean in the east wing, finishing up the paint job. Thank you Sean.


Anonymous said...

All clean! Looks beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Your church building is really nice. The colors are nice. I think it must really look good with the chairs. What color are the chairs? Are they wood?

Anne said...

Do y'all use "pew chairs" or regular pews? Our church just voted on the pew chairs, so we should be getting them in pretty soon. I'm curious to know what you use:o) Everything looks so nice!