March 12, 2007

Skiing at Roseland Ranch

Here's a shot of Abbey, Randy, and Melissa right before the ski lift took them up and away on their snow tubes! The guy in the background looks a little grumpy, but he wasn't - he was actually very accomodating as he helped everyone onto the lift...

The girls and their ski gear.
Here's the beautiful fire place inside the lodge. It's where everyone gathers after a day on the slopes. The good people in the kitchen serve tray-after-tray of delicious finger foods - "pigs in a blanket," deep fried chicken wings, etc., etc., to the near frozen folks who have just arrived from the cold. Double click on the photo to see the beautiful black granite that I would like to have for a fireplace someday.

The next two shots are of Cheryl and Justin. Have you ever seen a mother and son look more alike than these two? I think they're both beautiful!

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