April 2, 2007

Hello Tadd in Texas!

These are for you... enjoy them and look for more as time goes on!

Here are your grandparents, Charles Jonas Salak and Charlotte Ann Widmer Salak. I think this is an anniversary picture - not sure. It might even be an engagement photo. Circa 1920s.

House in Racine, Wisconsin where your Mother grew up. Late 1930s.

Her father, Charles Jonas Salak and their little dog, Dutchess. He was a real man's man, who served in WWI. 1920s.

Her sister, Carol Blair Salak. Graduation photo - 1948.
I'll post more pictures for you soon - I just have to find them...


Tadd Stickler said...

Mary, Thanks for the post! Very interesting, love the photos. I am looking forward to seeing more.

Danielle Sengstock said...

Mary, Abbey looks so much like Carol. It's amazing.

I was once known as Mary Zerzanek, said...

You are the third person who has said that! I wish you could see my son Daniel. He looks sooooo much like my grandfather (the man with the little dog) on my mother's side. Neal looks like my father... I'll be posting more pictures of family history. I'm alway thrilled to hear your comments. Thanks Danielle. I love you.

Anne said...

I know I have nothing to do with this conversation:o), but can I just tell you how fortunate you are to have "old" pictures like these??? My dad (who absolutely loves genealogy) has some old family pictures in this house (sooooomewhere...oh dear!), but for the most part, our family pictures are gone, because my grandmother got in a cleaning frenzy and trashed a lot:(. So treasure those pictures:o).

I was once known as Mary Zerzanek, said...

Hello Anne! You are always welcome to join our conversations-anytime! I appreciate your comments and am thankful for the admonition to hang on to old family photos. I'm so sorry some of your old family photos were lost:(