April 7, 2007

A very happy Easter to you!

Abbey never ever liked her Easter "glubves," and cried when she had to wear them.
Here's me not liking my gloves very much either!

I find it so amazing that people in the same family often have the same likes and dislikes even when they are very, very young! (Yes, I was crying too. Sorry about the condition of this photo. It's one of two that exist of me as a baby.)


Anonymous said...

Mary: You were a beautiful baby and lovely lady and even more beautiful Christian woman! I love you dearly!


Abigail said...

I love you too so much, we have so many little similarities between us which I am thankful for. I hope, one day, to be half the wonderful, godly lady you are. Thank you for alway being there and for making a difference in my life.

Mary Engesetter said...

Guys!! You're makin' me cry... I love you both so much...