May 30, 2007

Canine Encounters in Greenport

Our family likes our little dog, Mr. Higgins - we like him alot. But I must tell you that it has never, ever crossed my mind to buy him a little blue stroller with matching knickerbockers, vest, and bow tie! I mean, he's a DOG - with a really nice leash and collar. Yet, in the quaint little seaside village of Greenport, we came across a woman strolling two tiny white dogs (clad in skirts, shoes, and hats) in a pretty pink stroller. The woman loved the attention they brought and allowed Madison to hold one. Okay, I'll admit it, they were definitely cute.

Here's pampered pooch number one going into the stroller...

Pampered pooch number two is ready to roll...

Madison says "hello."

Madison says "goodbye."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I believe the dogs are probably Maltese...yes, pretty sure that they are. I've seen those dog strollers before but I don't think my dog would sit in it. He likes to run around in the grass.