May 16, 2007

From the '40s

Here are some photos of my Mom's childhood that I promised on my Mother's Day Blog.

Mom as a baby. She was born July 3rd, 1940. I have no idea how old she is in this photo, but she is quite chubby. Let's say she's about five or six-months-old here.
Mom as a toddler. Here father called her "Gigi" which suits her quite well, I think! 1942.
Drinking from a tin cup. Notice the old-fashioned glass milk container on the high chair in the background. I wish milk still came like that.

With "Aunt Wink" in Racine, Wisconsin. About 1945-46.

Mom with her parents, Charles and Charlotte Salak, on the front porch of their home in Racine, Wisconsin. 1945-46. Okay - here's how it goes starting in the back on the left: Uncle Robert (Bob) Widmer, sister Carol, cousin Bobby, Jr., (Mom is right below him), Aunt "Wink" (I have no idea what her given name was) and mother, Charlotte Salak. I am assuming that her father, Charles was the one taking the photo. Second row, sitting down: Grandma Widmer and Grandfather Widmer. Sitting in the very front is her Aunt Nancy who is Robert and Wink's daughter and Bobby's sister. Circa. 1948?

Robert (far left in back) and Charlotte (far right in back) are brother and sister. The older folks sitting down are their parents. This must have been some kind of family get-together with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.


Tadd Stickler said...

Awesome photos! Thanks for posting them.

Brittany said...

Those are great photos. My Grandma was born in 1940, also.

Mary Engesetter said...

Brittany, you're making me feel old! These photos are of my mother who was born in 1940! My Grandma (pictured here on the far, far right) was born in 1901.

Brittany said...

I realized how that comment read after I published it! I knew those pictures were of your Mom! BTW, my Grandma is fairly young, by anyone's standards. She had my Mom when she was only 19, so when I tell people that my Grandma is 67, they're kind of surprised.