May 19, 2007

Two miles east on Montauk Highway...

It's always been my thought that sheep and their lambs are the most adorable of creatures. I was surprised when Randy took me for a drive yesterday to show me a farm he discovered not too far from our house! When we drove up, there were two huge llamas and a whole flock of sheep - some black, some white - grazing in an open meadow. This was something I never expected to see so close to our home!

Just a few of the sheep and lambs. Close-ups shots coming soon.

In no way do these photos depict the SIZE of these llamas. I'm telling you, they were huge! When I stepped out of the car to take a photo, the brown and white one came trotting up to the fence - and I went trotting back to the safety of our car. HUMONGOUS!

There were chickens and roosters too!

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