June 19, 2007

How much?!

Last evening, I went to the grocery store today to get all the fixin's for tonight's stir fry. The most expensive thing I bought was Teriyaki sauce, or so I thought. When I looked at my receipt, I realized that this purple cabbage cost me nearly twelve dollars!

I guess the check-out guy thought it was worth its weight in cherries. Look at the cost of the second item on my receipt:

When I realized the error, I went back into the store and collected ten dollars at the customer service counter. This is the very first time (that I know of) I've been overcharged at the grocery store. From now on, I'm checkin' my receipt! (Maybe if the check-out people would actually take care of the customer instead of talking on the phone or chatting with the other workers, this kind of thing wouldn't happen! Agree?)


Brittany said...

Yikes, that's a lot of money to be overcharged!

Mary said...

Isn't it though? Especially for a lowly, purple cabbage. On the other hand, I wouldn't have paid that much for cherries either.