July 26, 2007

The Lone Star State

My nephew, Landon, and neice, Maddie, who live in the great state of Texas, recently competed at the 2007 National Junior Bradford Show.

Landon took top prize with his new tiger-striped heifer. Good job Landon!

This guy makes a great cowboy!

Quite handsome too, don't you think?

Cowgirls just don't get any prettier than this!

Maddie is quite a natural with her cows...

...she won showmanship and overall champion for her division! Wow, Maddie, I'm IMPRESSED!


Abigail said...

Great Job Maddie and Landon! How wonderful for you that you can participate in this kind of thing and you do it very well! Again, wonderful job!

The Capo's said...

How cool! Being a " long island " girl my whole life, I would see this kind of stuff on TV, but to see people really doing this, is really something. Looks like fun.

Randy said...

When I was a boy, I spent a whole summer with my Grandparents in southern Minnesota. I remember we befriended an orphan calf. We tamed that calf and that calf followed me everywhere. We called him "calfie". I sure liked that little guy.
I went home at the end of the summer. The next year we had the best t-bone steaks.....I wonder?

Mary said...

I don't know what the future holds for Maddie and Landon's cows! I think they'll just keep 'em.

Tadd said...

T-bones....mmmmmmmmm. We actually did process Landon's steer last year, some of the best steaks I have ever had! Maybe after the county fair we can send y'all up some of our home grown chickens and some beef. Thanks for all the nice comments.

Mary said...

We would LOVE that! Thanks Tadd, and keep those pictures posted! I love seeing all of you!