July 31, 2007

Look what I got!!

It looks pretty, doesn't it? Always remember, looks can be deceiving. This is a DNA model of the common cold... and I got it. So sorry I haven't posted anything interesting in the past few days, but this lovely little rhinovirus won't let me do much more than snatch tissues from a Kleenex box.


Anne said...

Ooooh.... a summer cold just does not sound like fun. At all. I hope you feel better soon!

The Capo's said...

So Sorry Mary... You know if you need anything just call me. Feel better, Gina

Anonymous said...

So sorry you're sick Mary I hope you feel better soon, if you need anything, please dont hesitate to ask. By the way... that pic of the cold virus is very interesting. Take care, Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Engesetter
I am sorry you are sick and hope you feel better very soon.
I love you !