July 6, 2007

Our Baptist Founding Father

This church, although not the original building, marks the site of the very first Baptist Church in America. John Clarke, a physician, statesman, and politician, was THE FIRST BAPTIST in America. Many would say that Roger Williams was the first Baptist in our great country, but his baptism does not support this erroneous information, as he was not baptized under the authority of a scriptural, New Testament, Baptist Church.

Here we are standing near the steps of the church as it appears today:

The church:The following pictures were taken at the John Clark Memorial located in Newport, Rhode Island. We walked and drove around the town for over an hour trying to find it, when finally a taxi cab driver was able to point us in the right direction.

I love this photo of Randy and Abbey reflected in the black marble of the memorial:

We never dreamed we would come across this memorial on our trip to Block Island!
Seen on Block Island, Wednesday, July 4th:

The coastline where the above plaque is located. 'Twas so very beautiful.

More about Block Island in the coming week's blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mary~ All of these pictures are beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share all the blessed, glorious memories you have experienced.
I love you, Kathleen