August 22, 2007

Keeping warm in August

The nights have been chilly here on Long Island - unusual for August. Randy bought our family a fire pit and we got it out on Saturday evening to ward off the chilly evening air. Frank and his son, Anthony, stayed for dinner and we had dessert and conversation around a rip-roarin' fire. 'Twas fun!

Our new fire pit! Randy sprayed it with Rustoleum to protect it from rusting in Long Island's humidity.

Abbey and Melissa, enjoying a hot cup of coffee around a hot fire on a chilly August evening. How weird is that?

Pine tends to smoke quite a bit. Here's Frank through the fog.

Mr. Higgins tried to escape the yard on several occasions. Here he is wishing he never got caught.

Anthony mowed the lawn for us that day. I think he was pretty tired by the time evening rolled around. Thanks Anthony!

Randy and Frank.


The Capo's said...

Hey Mary, Sounds like you guys had a great time, but none of the pictures came out, I'd like to see them!! bye, Gina

Mary said...

Hi Gina. Sometimes the blogger will remove my pictures for no reason. I have no clue why this happens. It's quite annoying. I'll repost them. Glad you're back home now!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. E,
This was such a wonderful weekend, thank you for letting me spend it with all of you!!! I love you lots!xoxoMj

Anne said...

I agree with you about the cool August nights... I was NOT expecting that when I came home from Thailand! I'm glad it's settled back to the 80s:o). This just gave you a taste of what to expect in September and October:o).