September 19, 2007

Bad, bad dog

Mister Higgins rolled in the mud today.

Thank you, Abbey, for giving him a bath.

Grumpy, but clean!


cheryl said...

This bad boy is the only dog with a personality I know. He even looks mad while he is being dried off. I must admit I even questioned(while dog sitting him)whether I wanted another dog myself. Well since he went home I decided one dog is plenty for me. I am sure another dog would not be as fun as Mr. Higgins. Miss you my friend.

Daughter of the King said...

oh is HE a cutie...first time visitor at your blog...I also go to a IBF church....etc...

Mary said...

Thank you Deby, for looking at my blog- I just love new visitors! I am a member of Long Island Baptist Church in New York. I think you might be interested in reading our ladies' paper. There's a link on my blog called "Apples of Gold" - just like your blog title (a very interesting blog, by the way!) Check it out and enjoy!

Kindest regards,