September 27, 2007

Lake George, NY

We're driving Abbey to the ranch on Sunday; and because my allergies won't let me stay, Randy and I plan to explore New York a little bit. It's a possibility that we'll take a look around the Lake George area. Here are some photos I got from the WEB. Has anyone out there ever been to Lake George? Comments would be appreciated if you have anything good (or bad) to tell us before we make the decision to go.

Lake George as it appears on a map...

Not my photos, but beautiful none-the-less:


Mary said...

Many thanks to my friend Debbie the Travel Agent who called with tons of good info. about Lake George! Sagamore, Baltin's Landing, and the Adirondack Park are all good suggestions from Deb. Thanks again!
XO Mary

Cliff Notes said...

Mrs E.,
Lake George is really beautiful! About 7 or 8 years ago, my grandparents took us four older one to L. George for a week. We had such a wonderful time. I hope you decide to check it out - although I am still very sad you can't come to camp. I love you,
~ Rebecca

Just a Kid said...
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Anne said...

I have many happy childhood memories that were spent in New York, particularly Lake George and Schroon Lake. I remember my parents rented a cabin for our family and we had such a good time! I haven't been back since I was 11 or 12, but we always loved it:o).