September 23, 2007

The story goes like this...

After five treatments for my allergies, Randy drove us to a local horse ranch to test my response...

The horses were beautiful and very accomodating,

They let me pet them,

And feed them. I so love horses! They're such beautiful creatures,

But I'm still allergic... red, itchy, eyes signal the beginning of an allergic conniption.


The Capo's said...

Hi, I can see by that picture why you couldn't just go anyway!! I feel so bad that you guys won't be there. I wish there was something you could do. See you soon, Gina

Mary said...

Thanks for your kindness Gina. It gets much worse the longer I'm around horses - can't breathe, eyes swollen nearly shut, itchy red skin, etc. I've tried taking medicine for this, but it only leaves me feeling tired and spacey. No fun.
Love you,

cheryl said...

Oh Mary I am so sorry you still have a horse allergy. Camp will not be the same without one of my very dearest friends. Love you.