October 4, 2007

Fort Ticonderoga, New York

Randy and I learned a lot about history while visiting upstate New York, mainly about the French and Indian War, which took place at Lake George.

At the most northern tip of the lake, almost to Canada, sits Fort Ticonderoga - a place visited by such famous men as George Washington, Ethan Allen, and Benjamin Franklin to name a few. This is what the fort looks like from the inside.

The entrance from the inside of the fort...

Old Glory.
The south side of the fort. Notice all the canons. Every wall looks like this...

Take a moment and click on this image to read what the soldier who owned this horn inscribed on it. I thought it was great!

This was Ethan Allen's!

Fort Ticonderoga was heavily armed. The original canons still surround it.

Overlooking the lake...

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