November 9, 2007

Everyone should have an Abbey I think

She took good care of me today with hot servings of homemade chicken soup, endless cups of medicinal tea, and the constant plea to rest. She cleaned the house and took out her treasure boxes, sharing her favorite things from the past: a card from a brother, a poem from another, and a favorite picture of her father. Her kindness filled our home today and filled my heart with the sweet knowledge that it was, indeed, okay to rest. She lent me a favorite book and begged me please read. I finished it just now and am waiting the return of my daughter and her Dad from a revival meeting I've been forced to miss. The house is quite empty without them.


Abbey said...

Aw Mom! I've been so happy help you in any way I can! It's the least that I can do to show how much I love you and to give a little back for all the times you've done it for me-I love you very much. I hope you feel well soon, dear Mother!


Cliff Notes said...

Indeed, Abbey makes all of our lives just a little sweeter. Love you and hope you are feeling better, Mrs. E. ( Hope you enjoyed your cranberry scone) ~ Rebecca

Mary said...

Thank you Rebecca! The scone was so delicious - the Cypher girls never make anything less! Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

XOOX - Mrs. E.