January 22, 2008

Last night was our first class in Baptist History. We are looking forward to twelve more weeks of an intense and interesting study of our Baptist forefathers.


JGWmom said...

Hi Mary,
I am visiting your blog today because of your comment to queen of sheba (Proverbsmom)on her Sunday dinner. She is one of my good friends. We met at Southwestern Baptist Seminary (Ft Worth, TX). My husband is now pastoring a small, but very growing church 2 hrs. SW of Ft. Worth. He is now working on a second masters degree in hopes of pursuing his PhD. I wanted to tell you all of this because I am curious about your church studying Baptist History. Are you Southern Baptist? Is your husband the pastor? I'm really not trying to be nosy. I really enjoyed your comments on the Sunday dinner and I really enjoyed your blog sight and I am always looking to meet new friends who can impart any wisdom in ministry/mothering. If you visit my blog, (myblondeboys.blogspot.com), you will see I am the mother of 3 boys ages 15, 4, and 2. Anyway, I'd love to hear from you and learn more about your church.
In Christ,
Shannon Harvey
Hamilton, TX

queen of sheba said...

How exciting! I would love to hear more about this too!
You will love my friend Shannon! We used to work together at the Seminary, and my husband is a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary!

He is somewhat close to graduating. He is about to change is degree from Masters in Divinity to Masters in Theology...I thought he had already done this but apparently there is one more professor he wants to talk to. This change comes from the advice of my friend, Shannon's husband.
Whom by the way, have a very loving home church where they are serving! Visit her blog! She has such sweet boys too! You will really love them!


Mary said...

Dear ladies,

How wonderful to have you visit my blog - thank you! My husband and I, along with our daughter, are Baptist Biblicists, securing our faith and practice directly and solely from the Scriptures. The course of Baptist History we are studying is extremely interesting and informative. Right now, we are learning about Satan's attempts through various avenues to corrupt the two ordinances of the Lord's church - baptism and the Lord's Supper. I expect this course of study to enlighten me greatly about those Christians of old and how they suffered for the faith we now so freely observe and practice.

You can visit our church's website at libaptistchurch.com. You can also visit "Apples of Gold," our ladies publication, at applesofgoldny.blogspot.com. There you will find uplifting and helpful information for Christian women. It's been updated once per month for nearly twenty years! I hope you find it enjoyable.

Thank you again for visiting my blog. I think I'll just head on over to your blogs and indulge myself!

Emma said...

Oh...That is such a great book. You'll love it for sure. There are so many wonderful testimonies in it. How thankful I am that those Christians that came before us were so devoted and faithful so that our lives would be made easier.
And to think one day we will be able to thank them!

Sis. Julie said...

I love the study of Baptist History. When we were first saved our pastor took us through a study of Baptist History through the Trail of Blood. It was very informative and very good!! I still have the booklet too. I need to go through it again and refresh myself.