April 21, 2008

Quite obviously, Randy and I went to the Martha Stewart Show last Thursday. Martha's reflection appeared in the window across the street from where we were waiting in line.

The studio was nothing short of amazing. Nearly every square inch of the ceiling was covered with lights and cameras.

Joey, Martha's PR man. He was hysterical!

Richard and Odette, two sweet people we met while waiting in line. They were visiting America from South Africa aboard the Queen Mary!

Randy and me, happy to have a day together in that city of all cities, New York!


Anonymous said...

Mary, You look beautiful in that picture. Thank you for all your hard work on Saturday. You are such a blessing!!

Love, Danielle

Mary said...

Thank you, dear Danielle. Randy and I loved helping on Saturday! You and your family mean a lot to us. I'll post before and after pictures of the office as soon as the carpet is laid. I can hardly wait till it's all finished! You'll have the best office on Long Island!

Odettem@mweb.co.za said...

Hello Mary and Randy

We are safely back in South Africa and back to the grindstone, this seems so far away already.

We were so blessed to meet you as you were the first Americans that we met that were warm and friendly, we hope that you will enjoy the tickets to Sea World. Odette and Richard