May 11, 2008

I need to clarify myself. Please look at my post of Friday, May 9th. Notice beneath the photo of the baby rabbits where it says, "More about this later." Now, some of my good readers thought that the "more about this later" was the next post which told of the demise of our backyard baby bunnies by our neighborhood fox, who we have named Herod. "It seemed so cruel to show us those darling baby bunnies only to tell us in your next post that they were killed by a fox!"

Oh my! Nothing could be further from the truth! It was my intention to explain to you that I had raked up a yard full of pine needles that ended up in a heap beneath the giant pine tree that graces our back yard. The following weekend, Randy decided to dispose of the pine needles and in the process of raking them into garbage bags, uncovered the nest of tiny baby bunnies. That's what Saturday's post was
supposed to be about - it was supposed to tell of how the bunnies got there in the first place!

Instead, Abbey woke up at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning to the very loud cackling of a flock of blackbirds. Rising up out of bed, she drew back her curtains to see what they were so upset about and saw "Herod" plundering our nest of baby rabbits. When Randy went out later that day to see what happened, there wasn't a single rabbit in sight. Herod the fox had carried them off. Thus the post with a photo of a fox and the words that read, "Our rabbit's nest it gone."

I hope everyone understands now. Thanks for reading. I'm sure there'll be more bunnies living in our yard before the summer is gone, and maybe some baby foxes! Now wouldn't that be cute?!


Susan said...

Ok. That explains what my husband was wondering about - why in the world did the Mama rabbit make her nest out in the open? She made her nest IN the pine straw. I'm sure Herod probably could smell them anyway, even though she thought they were safe. Now some baby foxes just might be cute! ;)

Maggie Ann said...

Yes, baby foxes would be a change from all the bunnies that clip off my flowers! Bunnies are cute and I love the Beatrix Potter stories, but....