May 24, 2008

The CN Tower

On our first day in Toronto, the CEO of Ionways invited us to dinner at the CN tower, which looks a lot like the space needle in Seattle.

While waiting to be seated for dinner, someone requested that Abbey play a song on the baby grand piano that sat in the foyer, 1,815 feet in the sky!

Before she knew it, a crowd had gathered! She played one more song and the waiter called us to our table.
Here's the view from where we were seated. The entire seating area of the restaurant rotated and provided a beautiful view of Toronto from every angle.

We're having a great time!

The entire restaurant was circular, with huge windows all the way around. You can see stars and the lights of the city in this shot, along with Abbey and Cathy having a good laugh, and Kirk and Jay, discussing serious business.


Jessica R. said...

Toronto looks awesome & it looks like you guys had a great time!

Tim & Lex said...

Wow...what a classy looking place! Toronto looks beautiful. I'm glad you all had such a nice time. How awesome that Abbey was asked to play the piano! Kudos to you Ab's :o) About eating while spinning... I have to say that I too once ate in a moving restaurant...and to my surprise I did not got dizzy or sick for that matter, It was actually quite relaxing :-D Glad to you have you all back!