July 16, 2008

Our resident mother rabbit has a little one! Joining in on the family evening rabbit fun is a little black mouse; see him in the right hand corner? He kept running back and forth between the rabbits and the trees. I hope he (or she) doesn't have a family... Mice are not my favorite animal.


Maggie Ann said...

Those big rabbits remind me of the chocolate ones they make in the molds at Easter....we never let our kids have rabbits at Easter..silly maybe..but we wanted all the attention and glory to go to Jesus. The kids were just as happy as could be with their other chocolate goodies.

Jessica R. said...

Mary I so enjoy the little tales you share about the wild life in your yard. I just realized you do have alot of them! I'm also intrigued as to your watchful eye on those little critters & how you catch them so meticulously :)