October 17, 2008

Conflict of Interest

One must have any kind of lotion, gel, or liquid openly declared in a clear, one-quart, plastic, zip-lock baggie before boarding an airplane. Bottles must contain absolutely no more than three ounces of before said items. BUT, you can have these on the plane:

(secretly photographed by Cheryl and me)

And these, my friends, are KNITTING NEEDLES. Long, sharp, and able to inflict harm. I don't get it, do you?


Maggie Ann said...

No I don't...I've read recently of women not being allowed knitting needles on planes and they were using pencils to knit with. Pretty ingenius don't you think so? Glad for you that you were able to knit your way across the skies. What are you knitting? I'm glad to see you posting again, you must have gotten a new camera? =)

Mary said...

Actually, I can't knit. Mostly because I tried it once and felt like I had a million fingers that kept getting in the way of one another. I like to crochet, but knitting? I dislike it very much. The woman knitting on the airplane was unknown to me. I just thought it amazing that she actually got them past security! I'm using my old camera for the time being. I think I have to take my nice, new one to the camera shop to be checked out for problems :o(