October 17, 2008

Life from seat 17E

I think you'll agree that airplanes are cramped enough without the person in front of you putting his seat in the recline position. This was my "view" all the way back from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then there's the sign beneath this guy's head - "FASTEN SEAT BELT WHILE SEATED." This could be understood in two ways: Don't try to fasten your seat belt while standing up, or - make sure your seat belt is on when you're sitting. I propose the following instead: Please fasten your seat belt.


The Capo's said...

You are so funny... Maybe that "leg twitch" that comes and goes at just the right times could've helped!!!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh boy =(...my son travels a lot and complains of the same thing. They shouldn't be allowed to recline when it infringes on the person behind them.