March 11, 2009

If you've got little girls who like to color, Mary Englebreit has a beautiful selection of printable coloring pages on her website. Just click and print! Something fun to do while we wait for spring to make it's grand, WARM entrance. Click HERE to access her site.

Thanks for reading!


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mary, I loved your memories of playing with pussy-willow bunnies. Thats so sweet.About rooting coleous...I was given cuttings in the fall and rooted them in water. Then I cut the tops off and put them in a glass of water...and they rooted and so on. They do root much quicker in the spring but will root thru-out winter I've found. I planted about 6 of them in soil now and they are thriving. Its a good thing as Martha Stewart would say...grin. And you know how expensive buying plants can be in the spring. African violets will root also. Cut a leaf off your plant...fill a clear glass with warmish water, cover the top tightly with plastic wrap...poke a tiny hole in the wrap...and stick your violet stem down thru into the water. The plastic wrap holds the cutting up and Voila! little white roots appear after a few weeks. Then plant in African violet soil. Hope that helps...let me know if I can be of any help. Coleus don't need the plastic wrap...I think they are hardier. ~~~I like your Mary E. post. Michaels is having a sale on her cards....3 pkg for $2.00 Oh we got some adorable ones I'd never had before. Some were 3D.

Jessica R. said...

thanks Mary, I'll be printing out alot of them, their so cute!