March 18, 2009

There are many voices ringing out in the media today, exhorting us about how to respond to the troublesome times in which we live. These troublesome times are known as "the end times" and are written about in the Bible, pointing to the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The wisdom and exhortation in the Scripture exhorts us not to prepare for troublesome times, but to prepare our souls for eternity. Here's how to make sure you'll be eternally safe and secure.

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sparrow's song said...

bouncing in thought...

Yes, these are troubling times and people are looking for answers even if they are the wrong answers. They are putting their hope in something instead of someone. Jesus is that Hope.

I recently channel surfed on my radio and found callers speaking with a man on Scripture. So I thought it might be good to listen. A few minutes into the show, he started to explain to one caller that Jesus was to return on May 21, 2011. But the Word never declares the exact date nor does it encourage us to find out through subtracting dates from dates as this man was explaining how to do. In fact, Jesus point blank tells a disciple the it is not for us to know. We will know only by the evidences surrounding us that the time is near. I wish more Christians would think with a critical mind and test everything against the Word before taking a man's word for something. TEST EVERYTHING! Does it align with what God said? That's what Paul instructs.