April 29, 2009

Swine flu info.

Whatever you do, don't panic.
Click on the little piggy to the left to
read some valuable information
about the swine flu.


Tadd Stickler said...

No Worries!Obama to the rescue!!!
"The president made reference to the work his administration is doing and the requested $1.5 billion in emergency funding from Congress to provide an adequate supply of vaccines and the equipment to handle a potential outbreak."

sparrow's song said...

I'm a little more than irritated to learn that they are trying to call this the North American swine flu after it originated in Mexico. It is the Mexican Swine Flu and it has travel over the boarder to infect Americans. But the bias liberal media caters to PC. We can see how they've try to slip it as North American swine flu. The more they present this type of classification, the more others will parrot it.

Close the boarders until it's under control!!

Mary said...

Hi Tadd! Our government throws money at everything... OUR money. I encourage you to read this article. Very, very enlightening. How's that baby calf doin'?

Tadd Stickler said...

I have only had a chance to read a little of the article so far and got a good laugh from the public service video. The baby calf is doing great!