May 14, 2009

Ruby Falls


Anthony said...

WOW!!! That's amazing! Is that underground? Hope you all are have a nice vacation. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Your pics brought back many memories. We were at Ruby Falls in 1978 Great trip. Enjoy and talk later Love MOM

Mary said...

Hi Anthony - yes, it's underground - about 2,000 feet beneath a mountain. An AMAZING experience to say the least.

Maritza said...

Hey Mary,

I'm so happy you and your family were able to get away. We wanted to thank you for thinking of Aaron and giving Pastor the information on the acidic water. We have been trying it out, I must say Aaron's not enjoying it very much hehe !

Love ya

Anthony said...

Wow! that is amazing! I'd like to see that one day. Did you have a good time.