July 29, 2009

Grand Canyon Pictures

On a recent trip way out west, our family was able to "experience" the Hoover Dam. In no way does this picture capture the length, depth, height, or width of the Hoover Dam. I've never been so happy to get off anything in my entire life. This is not a place for people who are afraid of heights - and I'm never going back there.

See this almost-finished, brand new bridge? It made me hang on for dear life, inside the car.

The arch above is merely a platform from which the builders "string" themselves while they work on the actual, half-finished bridge below.

The Grand Canyon doesn't make me feel any better, but at least it's beautiful! Just as I was ready to snap this shot, a graceful hawk appeared on the wind.

Randy and Abbey, the bravest souls I know!

The three of us. As soon as this picture was finished, I practically crawled to a safe spot, FAR away from the edge.

For lunch, we went to the El Tovar Hotel, which sits on the south rim of the canyon. Teddy Roosevelt entertained guests there in this dining room, which was built especially for him. Randy is Teddy Roosevelt's biggest fan. Sitting here made him happy!

More pictures to come!


lindaeileen said...

So glad you and your family were able to depart and relax for a while! Also glad you're back SAFE!!

Mary said...

Thank you Linda! It's good to be home.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of Gods Beauty -Thanks for sharing them! I can imagine the feeling you experienced Mary, just to look down and then its wow where am I?? Sounds like a wonderful trip - I can see where Randy would love the ND Badlands- the musical and all that goes with it. Nice change from the City I am sure ! Know its good to get away but always good to be "home"..
Love you , Mrs.Silcox

Anonymous said...

Mary, Isnt it wonderful to spend time in one of GODS greastest creations. If you dont like heights,stay away from Pikes Peak in Colorado. Glad your trip was memorable. Love MOM

Mary said...

Mrs. Silcox, you're right - Only I couldn't look down. I only looked across and that from a distance! Love you too!

Mary said...

Hi Mom! Yes, we had a very memorable time - it was so good to "get away from it all" for awhile. Pike's Peak won't be on the list for places we want to visit - I really am TERRIFIED of heights. I did enjoy the mountains of Red Rock Canyon though. Somehow, they're less overwhelming for me. We think we'd like to go back there and hike it the foothills. Much love to you! Mary

Neal said...

That Hoover Dam picture reminds me of a city from a star wars movie on some distant planet. Very nice

Mary said...

Hey Neal! Thanks for the comment - see you soon. XO - Mom

sparrow's song said...

I totally understand about not liking heights. What wonderful photos. Thanks!