August 7, 2009

New York State Constitution Party

R.S. Engesetter speaking at a meeting for the New York State Constitution Party. To get involved with this grassroots party, click here. Exercise your freedoms while you've still got them.

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Neal said...

Looking very Presidential!!

Mary said...

And he's even got a birth certificate that he's willing to show!

Maritza said...

Your so funny, Mary (the birth cert. comment ). Thank you for your sweet comments. We love your family so much.


The Rivera's & Olga

sparrow's song said...

Stand with us to help elect men and women to office who will make the common sense decisions that our current crop of politicians are unable or unwilling to make.

And THIS is the correct way to get the job done.

I'm a little concerned for some citizens/individuals, in other states, who openly wear firearms to political rallies. I believe in the right to bear arms but not at such rallies at this time in our history. It could be a tragedy waiting to happen.