February 8, 2010

Okay, I almost forgot that I did create this thing called a blog. I haven't paid it much attention lately. I've got a little project goin' on that's keepin' me pretty busy - should take me about a year to complete. I'll tell ya all about it when I finish. For now, I'm thinkin' about the major snow storm blowing it's way across the states right toward Long Island. I like snow, but I think I've had enough of the white fluffy stuff this year. I'm ready to move into spring. Lowe's has seed packets out already and I'm thinkin' about getting some vegetables and flowers going right here inside my house. Perhaps it'll help hurry the warmer weather into the days ahead. I miss warm, don't you?


Maggie Ann said...

Nope, not yet I don't miss 'warm'...smile. The cozy heat of the woodburner is lovely and the scenery is oh so beautiful. I'm enjoying looking out the window at the Master's artwork. Yes, I saw the seed packets out already too. I did start seeds last year, but by the time I got them outside most were spindly. I was proud of them anyway. If you start seeds..I recommend the 'newspaper' pots you can roll yourself. They are fantastic! Mine lasted for months I think. Let me know if you want the 'how-to' and I'll try to find it again.

Tadd Stickler said...

We have to wait a whole year?????? Gee, thanks!