July 4, 2011

Thank God I am FREE!

I am immensely grateful to be a citizen here in America.  The freedoms we once held in this land were God-given and God-blessed ~ and I have enjoyed them!  I am, however, miserably saddened to see our beautiful country slumping beneath a heavy load of sin placed upon her once-beautiful shoulders by those who have the freedom (!!!!!) to put it there. Let freedom ring? How can it?  There is no freedom in the tyranny of the government that now occupies the highest offices of our nation (and has for years and years). There is wickedness in high places ~ I will not elaborate.  Read history, read the news, and read the polls of our people ~ you will come to your own, well-informed conclusion.

There is, however, a freedom much greater than that once found at the shores of American soil. There is a freedom that will satisfy that deep longing found in every human soul.   It is a freedom from the bondage of sin and the havoc it wreaks in the souls of men and women.  The repentant sinner can find this freedom at the foot of the cross of Christ.  To be free from the tyranny of sin is the single, most blessed thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime!  And while for the moment my feet are planted on American soil, I am looking for a better country ~ that is an heavenly! Hebrews 11:16  I hope I will see you there...

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