August 17, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Long Island is gorgeous today - and the day is mine!  Here's my list:
Straighten up the house 'til it looks loved but lived in.
Wash the windows till they sparkle and shine.
Open the windows.
Do laundry and add Downy.
Dry the laundry so the scent of Downy comes through the open windows.
Go outside.
Mow the lawn while you're out there, and do it quickly for exercise.
Breathe the scent of fresh-mowed grass.
Relish the thought of how happy husband will be that he doesn't have to mow the lawn today.
Prune the roses so new ones can have some space on the bushes.
Pick the ripe tomatoes.
Take care of the ever-bearing strawberries.
Walk the Last of the Good Boys - with a leash.
Find a birthday present for Sarah.
Go to Sarah's house for dinner.
Say good-night to Sarah's family with a great big hug and kiss.
Thank them for their love and care.
Go home.
Go to bed and wait for Saturday to arrive. :o)

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