August 6, 2012

These two little ones have a bigger place in my heart than they probably realize!  I'd love to buy them anything their little hearts desire, but their parents are wiser than that and I have refrained myself at their request :o)  Their daddy did, however, buy them their own darling little bicycles.  They just couldn't wait to show Randy and I and ran to greet us when we arrived at their small apartment in Queens.  "We got cycles! We got cycles!" Their personalities are quite apparent here :o)   The little sister fell sound asleep on the floor after a day of learning. (All of them sleep on the wood floor every night - they haven't got a stitch of furniture.)  The girls' mother and I have become very good friends and it's my great blessing and privilege to help her in any way I can. 

On another note, our Bible study group is growing every week and we can barely contain our excitement about what the future holds for this beautiful group of people.  Randy and I thank our good and faithful Father for allowing us to be a part of their lives.  Never in a million years did we dream that we'd be allowed to serve Him in such a capacity.

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