November 14, 2012


On Facebook there are things I’d rather not see. A list:

  • The “F” bomb (if you will) and other base language – and that from the writings of young women and girls.  I’ll never, ever get used to it.  Breaks my heart.
  • Self-promotion – you know… 100s of photos of self.
  • Nudity – like when someone has a new tattoo where the sun don’t shine or a really low-cut blouse.  Such poor taste and grossly immodest.
  • Alcohol – stuff like how to make jello shots, and kids playing beer pong, and lots of other junk like that.  Then there are the pictures of the parties… but never of the morning after.  Just typing this makes me feel sick.
  • Waste – especially of time and talent.  So regrettable.
  • Pregnancy photos – some won’t agree, but hey, this is my blog where I can post my opinion. Photos of giant, naked bellies, the navel stretched into oblivion with a husband’s hands (or boyfriend’s – so sad) forming a heart over the “bull’s eye” make me wish I'd never seen them.  Pregnancy should be beautiful, pure, and private.
  • Rebellion – good kids who at one time were tender-hearted towards the things of the Lord but now shamelessly flaunting their rebellion against God and their parents.  It kills me inside.
  • Lust – sorry to point it out, but its there… countless photos of close-up kissing and inappropriate touching.  Ick, ick, ick. 

Okay… there you have it - my list of things I’d rather not see on Facebook.  Now you know why I’ve deactivated the thing.  Dealing with the world and all its enticements is difficult enough without it. And I know the end of the world's activities and all its points of view.  I was once a part of this world's system and all its erroneous philosophies - and it hurt me.  So glad I'm outta there!!

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