December 26, 2012

Yes, I really did.

Put on a sari, that is.  Actually, there were two dear, sweet ladies who helped me put it on.  The whole "dress" (if you will) consists of a simple skirt that goes on underneath, a fitted top, and a piece of fabric that's about 18 feet (yes, 18 feet!) long.  The whole process seemed quite complicated to me and the entire episode of putting it on took about 20 minutes.  I must tell you that even though I felt like a Christmas tree with all the green, red, and gold colors of the fabric :o), a sari is quite beautiful and very feminine.  It's not too visible in the photo, but my two kind Bengali friends bought jewelry to match the colors in my new sari.  I actually enjoyed the experience but was quite grateful to put on my corduroy skirt, cotton sweater, and simple earrings for the trip home - a much more practical outfit for an American girl!

Please pray for our work among the Bengali people in New York City.  You cannot imagine how much we love them and desire to see a breakthrough with someone receiving the gift of salvation.     

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Anonymous said...

Mary you look just beautiful! God bless you for your wonderful, tenderheartedness to our dear Bengali friends-You and Randy have blessed all of us by your commitment, faithfulness and the outstanding spirit with which the two of you serve the Lord!
(Now-take this post, my dear friend and frame it-for you know I never comment!)
Love you! Lizzie G.