October 23, 2013

A bunch of junk.

If you are a Christian, and before you read my article (which is actually a list)—you must keep in mind the following verse: “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” I Corinthians 6:11

Now for my article—an alphabetical list…


Arrogance, adultery, and anger – and that’s just the As!  Backbiting, bitterness, blasphemy, boasting, and brawling – that’s the B list.  Here come the Cs… chambering (unmarried people living and sleeping together), complaining, contentions, corrupt communication, covetousness, and craftiness.  Now for the D list, the longest one of all… debate, deceit, defrauding, denying Christ, despiteful, dishonesty, disobedience to parents, divorce, and drunkenness. **Sigh**  Presenting the Es: effeminate, envy, evil thoughts, and extortion.  This stuff is disturbing, isn’t it?  There are five things in the F group—false humility, filthiness, finding faults with others while having a greater fault with self (that’s a long one, I know), foolishness, and fornication.  Tired of it yet? Me, too… but carry on we must.  The G list is short: greediness and guile.  The H list is short, too… hatred and hypocrisy.  You ready for the I list? Here goes: idolatry, implacable (refusing to be appeased), and inordinate affection (passion and lust).  Now for two letters—J and K—each with just one sin that heathen like: judging and knowing to do good, but doing it not.  The letter L has a lot of sins that heathen like, seven in all… lasciviousness, laying up treasures on earth (pursuing material success at the expense of spiritual things), living in pleasure (fond of luxury and sensual pleasure/gratification), lovers of self, loving another person more than Jesus Christ, lusting after women or men, and lying.   The Ms are: maliciousness, mockery, murder, and murmuring.  Oh happy day—there’s no stuff for N or O!  But the letter P has four things the heathen like.  Presumption, pride, purloining, and pornography. Nothin' for Q. The letter R: railing, which is slander, and rioting.  The poor letter S has another long list.  Here goes: seditions (stirring up opposition against authority), speaking against the Holy Ghost, sorcery, stealing, stiff-necked (that’s bein’ obstinate), strife, and being a striker—simply put: ready to fight. Three for T… teaching for doctrine the commandments of men, traitors, and trusting in riches. The letter U contains the worst sin of all… unthankfulness. U also has the following: unbelief, uncleanness, unforgiving, unmerciful, and unrighteousness.  V is for variance. W = wantonness (morally unrestrained), whisperers (secretly spreading false or slanderous information), whoremongers, witchcraft, wickedness (evil practices, crime), without natural affection (hardhearted), and wrath.

Whew - I'm glad there's nothin' for X, Y, or Z!  Because that’s already a whole lot of stuff that heathen like. And you should know that if you claim to be a Christian and you actually like or practice any of the above, you’re not.

But don’t despair and read again the preface to my list. “And such were some of you…” That means you can get out of your bondage to all the junk listed above.  I did. Read my testimony right over there to the right and leave me a message if you'd like☺

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