August 25, 2006

Abbey is baptized!

On July 23rd, 2006, our daughter Abigail placed her faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for her eternal salvation. Our family has not been the same since that wonderful night, as we now have a whole house of believers who want to please the Lord with their lives. Here is the dry erase board we used to announce Abbey's salvation during a 21-day prayer meeting at our local, New Testament, Bible-believing church.

Last Sunday night, Abbey was baptized as a public testimony of her salvation. Her baptism, having nothing to do with salvation, has placed her in the membership of our church. Here she is giving her testimony to our congregation.

Telling about how life has no meaning or purpose without Christ.

Coming up out of the water, which is immersion - baptism as it is found in the Scriptures.
I'm sorry the photos are a little blurry. My camera doesn't take good shots from far away. If you would like a written copy of Abbey's personal testimony, contact me through the comments box below and I'll see to it that you get one.

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