March 19, 2007

Treason Against Our Nation...

Here are three great clips that are easy to watch and worth your time - VERY worth your time. These clips make up a collection of TV newscasts regarding the implementation of the North American Union. The clips are direct, informative, and easy to follow. Just click on the word, "Video 1, 2, or 3." After you view them, please feel free to direct others to my blog so they can also be informed!



Of these three videos, the second one contains news reports by CNN's Lou Dobbs, a CNBC report on the Amero, various Texas News Broadcasters discussing the NAFTA Highway starting with the construction of the Texas Corridor, and, lastly, an interview by Howard Phillips of Jerome Corsi all discussing in detail the implementation of the North American Union, with no oversight from Congress or the American people! Do not stay in the dark about these serious issues!

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