March 20, 2007

The wallpaper map is up!

Today, Kathleen and I discovered that the eight-piece wallpaper map we were planning to put up was not pre-pasted. So... we mixed up a batch of wallpaper paste and painted it onto the back of each section. We thought it would be difficult, but it was actually very easy! We started at about 11am and were finished by 3:45 this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll trim all the edges with an exacto knife and glue down any loose seams.

Ready for service!

The first two panels are up.
Painting with wallpaper paste.

Only one more panel to go!
Voila! It is finished and ready for missionary photos, letters, and other mission information.


Anne said...

We used to have that up in our church foyer, but took it down last summer... what a pain it was trying to scrape off all those little pieces!

Mary Engesetter said...

We had this in our old building, too. However, this one is different in that you can write on it with a dry erase marker!

Anonymous said...

Looks Good! I like it a lot!