May 28, 2007

All of us in Central Park

Randy and me in Central Park. I will not soon forget the wonderful time our family had on the day we were together there.

Neal, Dan, Randy, and Abbey stopping for a quick photo on what is known as "The Mall" in Central Park. It's a w-i-d-e lane, lined with beautiful trees, park benches, and all sorts of interesting people.

Me and my "boys." I think they'll always be my boys, even though they're twenty-five and soon-to-be twenty-seven.

Abbey and me near the pond where the mallards fear not to get near.

I just love this shot of Dan and his Dad.

Neal and Abbey in Penn Station before we hopped on the train to head back home.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have.

Mary said...

Why thank you very much. All the glory belongs to the Lord!

Doris said...

What a wonderful family. I sure see a family likeness in all of them.So sorry we missed out on their growing up and becoming nice young adults. Love you all