May 28, 2007

Entertainment - SUBWAY STYLE!

Sorry no blog yesterday - I was out of commission and unable to work the keyboard. Our time in NYC was wonderful! We met up with Neal and Dan in mid-town Manhattan and took a taxi to Central Park. We went to the zoo and spent a lot of time walking, talking, and enjoying all the creatures on display. Finding ourselves hungry, we went to this fantastic restaurant called Dallas BBQ, but we had to take the subway to get there. Here's what we experienced while riding those underground roller coasters:

Daniel (who has very, very good Spanish abilities) translated this song for us. It's about some girl with beautiful black eyes. Isn't New York amazing? I mean, where else do things like this happen? Love it!


Randy said...

That was good! I watched it twice! What fun we had!

Mary said...

I'll never forget it! We all had so much fun!

cheryl said...

Glad you guys had such a great time neat video. Missed you yesterday hope your feeling better today.