June 12, 2007

The Gates of Bellport

Abbey and I took a bike ride into the village of Bellport this afternoon. It was a perfect day and we stopped at the village deli for vitamin water and a Snickers bar. As we traveled down the lanes and avenues of this lovely seaside village, we began to notice all the different gates that people had at the entrances to their properties. Thus I decided to do a photo essay on the gates of Bellport. This one is my very favorite. The hedges are cut to form an archway over the antique oak gate that makes the entrance to a lovely mansion on the Atlantic Ocean. Single-click on the image to view the gate's details.

The lady who owned this gate was happy to let us take a photo. At just the right moment, her dog, Elvis, tucked his nose underneath the planks. We all laughed!

The rest of these were scattered throughout the village.


Brittany said...

All those gates are so pretty. Great pictures. :)

Doris said...

Love all your great comments of the gates, its like being there. Im sure I have been down Belleport while sightseeing with you.Great Pictures!!

Mary said...

Thanks so much Doris! Bellport is an absolute favorite of the East Coast Engesetters and we travel there via bicycle regularly.