June 22, 2007

The girls and I spent three hours tooling about Bellport on our bicycles yesterday and discovered so many new things around the town-of which I will post more pictures later. For now, here are the windowbox photos I promised yesterday. Remember, the plants contained in these boxes are not yet at their peak and are in the baby stages of their growth. By the time August rolls around they will be prolific with colorful blossoms and greenery.

Pretty pinks and purples mixed with variegated greenery:

Monochromatic (white on white) which looks really nice when done correctly:

Not every store had an actual box:

This is somewhat "blah." Seems like the wood of this container screams out for red, purple, yellow, etc. Unique, but not my favorite:

I thought this was pretty, located in front of a garden center:

Love the vines!
My personal favorite. The whole scene looks so "beachy" and so colorful. I love the variety of plants, which makes the windowbox look so interesting.

The flowers here are still so young, but I love the windowbox itself:

Pansies always look perfect in a windowbox. Abbey tried on the striped shoes in the window and they looked so adorable on her that I was going to buy them - then I saw the price tag: $50.
No go.
Isn't this just gorgeous?

Miracle grow, obviously:

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