June 23, 2007


Abbey and Melissa have been the best of friends since their nursery days at church. Who would have thought it?? These two are opposite in every way! For example:

Melissa is a first born - Abbey is a baby
Melissa has two younger brothers - Abbey has two older brothers
They were born in opposite months on the calendar - Melissa in November, Abbey in October
Melissa has blue eyes, Abbey has green
Melissa has brown hair, Abby has blonde

Given time to think about it, I could create quite a list here! Enjoy the photo of two genuinely sweet girls, who love their parents, love their families, love their church, and love the Lord! (Take it from me, I spent three hours with them in Bellport on Friday and enjoyed every moment with them!)

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Cheryl said...

The Lord has been so good to us to give us two beautiful girls in every way and to give us wonderful friends like you. Let me re-phrase that a wonderful family like you. Thank you for your kindness to my girl I love having Abbey too. Love you guys.